Hakuna Matata! The Lion King’s Back!


In celebration of the upcoming release of The Lion King remake, we wanted to share with you a cool craft you can do at a Lion King themed party or just as a fun activity that’s also affirming. We like to call it, “Pride Rock”! 

It’s simple to do. Just three easy steps.

First, find a smooth rock. This one was not very smooth, but it was pretty.

Picture of a rock

Next, decide if you want to clip and paste words on your rock or paint them on, and gather the appropriate materials.

Picture of Scissors

Finally, decorate your rock with empowering words, like strong, beautiful, handsome, brave, or with an inspirational quote.

Picture of decorated rock

There you have it! Your very own “Pride Rock” that you can be proud of and that will remind you of who you are! 

Picture of inspirational decorated rock

P.S. Click here for inspirational quotes you may want to use. 

P.P.S. Check out this video to learn about how personalized birthday parties help build pride and a strong sense of self-worth.