Ignite the Light

Extra-Ordinary Birthdays creates and provides personalized birthday celebrations for children experiencing homelessness. The ignite the LIGHT campaign (ITLC) brings light to the darkness that exists for homeless children by raising awareness and funds to support the vision, mission, core values, and programs of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays. Each donation made to this campaign will fund one child's birthday party, ensuring that the light in that child remains ignited and becomes brighter, even during the darkness of this difficult time in their lives.

YOUR GIFT: $250 campaign donation provides one personalized party for a child experiencing homelessness.

OUR GIFT TO YOU: One embossed leather birthday band with a birthday charm signifying your commitment to positively impacting the lives of homeless children.

The ITLC Birthday Band is a bond between you and Extra-Ordinary Birthdays that symbolizes the strength of our unified efforts.

Help us keep the candles lit with your donation today. Ignite joy, ignite hope, ignite the LIGHT.


Schinnell wearing bracelet

ITLC Birthday Band

You can personalize your birthday band by selecting the size of the leather band you want, and by choosing charms that match your birthstone color or any other color you desire.

Leather Band Sizes:

Measure your exact wrist size allowing 1/4 inch for your Charms, then select the size that is closest to your fit.

  • Youth - 6 inches
  • Small - 7.5 inches
  • Medium - 8 inches
  • Large - 8.5 inches

Charm Selection:

Picture of charm palette
Picture of band case