Not long ago I ran into a friend (Founder/Executive Director of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays), and she asked what I’ve been doing. I said I’ve been quilting. I pulled out my device and showed her a few pictures. Anyone who knows Schinnell knows what I mean when I say “you could see the wheels turning.” She said in so many words… a quilt is just what her Extra-Ordinary Moms (EOM) need. I could not have agreed with her more.


It’s a wonderful thing when you can pair what you like to do with giving back to the community. The concept and actuality of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays is beautiful. The kids get to be kids. They see happy, relaxed parents. For that moment, the birthday child is seen, valued and special to the world beyond mom or dad. It’s a self-validating moment the child can always reach back to for when life is challenging. These thoughts are part of the process of quilt making for the Extra-Ordinary Moms of these extraordinary children.

I’ve always been creative. I think artists, whether trained or not, see things differently. Growing up I saw my mother make incredible garments out of fabric and thread. A sewing machine was as natural in my home as a toaster or door. I love the usefulness and history of quilts. They can be artful, traditional, modern, whimsical, miniature, or made from old clothes. I can incorporate a special item of clothing into the quilt. When I see an old quilt I wonder: What do you know? What secrets have you heard? What living has been done on you? Who will you keep warm?

Glay Quilts are usable art made for living. Take it outside and eat on it. Take it to the beach. Wrap up in it with a book and a good cup of coffee, warm and safe. Put life into it. For Extra-Ordinary Moms, I personalize the quilts with each mom’s colors and initial. These quilts are like having another really good, reliable friend.'

BY: Glay Blocker, Creator of Glay Quilts, "Put Life Into It"  

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