“It takes a village” is not just an expression for us at Extra-Ordinary Birthdays but rather a cornerstone of delivering personalized parties for homeless children.

Whether it is photographers, bakers, artists, or organizations, our partners are committed to using their skills and resources to help us accomplish our mission. With their work and support, we are able to layer on recognition, celebration, and joy that ignites hope and contributes to the self-worth of the children and families we serve. We are grateful to those partners that we have had the incredible privilege and honor to connect, interact, and work with in 2017. As we close out the first month of 2018, we welcome our new partners: Difference Makers, Juniper Sweet Treats, T&R's Cakes and Cookies GaloreCrisfield Sweets, and our first out-of-the-area partner, Craft My Occasion—truly representing that community partnerships have no boundaries.

We are very thankful each and every day to all who help us impact homeless children and their families day in and day out. We look to 2018 with great hope for all of the partnerships (individually and collectively) that join us in breaking down the barriers and stigma of society’s views, by helping homeless children and their families create moments that will become a positive part of their lifetime of memories. Together we celebrate and give hope to homeless children for their birthday.

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