Inspiring Children Through the Hearts of Volunteers


When we think about the children we celebrate each month, we can’t help but think about the day-to-day challenges they face as a result of homelessness. Just imagine.  
That is why Extra-Ordinary Birthdays celebrations are so special. Children are able to temporarily forget about their current situation and bask in a glorious occasion that celebrates them, reinforces their worth, and radiates hope, happiness, and love. Beyond the celebration, we create genuine connections with the children by encouraging their individual interests. Combine that with volunteers that share those same interests and we create value that is unmatched in influence. 
Take Madison for example. Madison is a young artist who came to us with the idea to provide personalized “paint by numbers” kits for our birthday children. She enthusiastically volunteers her time and talent by hand drawing outlines of pictures based on the child’s party theme and providing all of the supplies (paint, paint brushes, paint guides, etc.). 
Recently, we provided a party for 10-year-old Neveah who has an interest in art. Madison’s passion for art and her idea to create the “paint by numbers” kits ultimately resulted in one young artist inspiring another. What Madison did was create an infinite impact by showing Neveah EOB’s commitment to her growth and creativity, which communicates more than what can be expressed in words.
“Art is not an escape, but a way of finding order in chaos, a way of confronting life.” We like to imagine that the “paint by numbers” kit will have that effect on young Neveah. That is part of the spark of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, our volunteers, and everything we do.

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