Our Impact

Strengthening children and families one birthday celebration at a time

Extra-Ordinary Birthday celebrations are tailored to have an impact in five areas:


Children Feeling Valued   Children Feeling Valued

Caregiver Empowerment   Caregiver Empowerment

Community Involvement   Community Involvement

Inspired by Books   Inspired by Books

Lasting Transformation via Hope   Lasting Transformation via Hope


Our birthday celebrations are designed to promote positive youth development, strengthen the parent/child relationship and support the entire family.

Take a look at our annual report that showcases our efforts in these areas.

 Quote Bubble The Kids Say...

Best Birthday Ever!
I want a party just like this!
This is all for me!

Quote Bubble The Parents Say...

The party was like a party I would have given one of my children in our own home!
He was so excited and enjoyed every bit of his birthday party!
I'm forever thankful!