Thanks To My Early Birthday Gift, I Am Filled with Joy


As I look forward to celebrating my birthday this month, I’ve already received an early birthday gift that continues to overwhelm me with joy. At the end of last month, I had the blessing of watching a mom rise a bit higher as we partnered with her to celebrate her 3 children for their birthdays. This party was extraordinary, not just because all our parties are extraordinary, but because this party was outside of our new “ordinary” since COVID hit – this party was our first in-person party since March of 2022…

For the first time in two years, I had the pleasure of personally witnessing a mom write personal, heartfelt messages in beautiful, joy-filled pop-up cards to her three children. These cards, provided by EOB and Love Pop, are a much-needed layer of igniting self-worth for both the parent and children experiencing homelessness as part of the individual and personalized birthday parties we provide.

Writing those personal messages to each of her kids and sharing that with them was truly a special moment that was just as important as the birthday gifts they received.  Why?  Because like the children—no two cards are the same.  The card and even the greeting may be the same, but the message that is added makes the birthday card one of a kind – just like that mom’s children who received it.

For many of us, being able to give our children birthday cards is something we take for granted. However, to a family facing challenging circumstances such as homelessness, the privilege of going out to get a card to acknowledge their child’s birthday is not always possible. EOB makes this possible for every family we connect with for birthday celebrations because we, especially with me being a parent, understand that moments like birthdays are priceless.

As I look forward to my birthday this month, I am reminded of how special it is to mark another year of living and to be a part of moments like this for this mom and her kids where hope is generated.  I hope you will choose to help me celebrate my birthday by providing hope with a donation to EOB’s Tree of Hope mural.  Like a tree, hope grows, and I welcome those that recognize that through the celebrations we provide, we are creating special moments that will become a positive part of these families’ lifetime of memories.